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Posting your items for sale here at: auctionscribe is easy. Simply register if you have not already (by clicking [Registration] here or at the top of every page). Our system automatically mails your password usually within a few seconds (no need to disconnect while you wait). Once you have the password, you might want to copy it from your e-mail and go to [Change Password] to replace our rather obtuse collection of letters and numbers with something you might more easily remember.

Posting items for sale is accomplished by clicking on the Sell link at the top of every page . You then enter your auction item by entering the details in a simple 6 stage process as follows :-

  1. Images
  2. Auction Type/Price
  3. Title/Category
  4. Optional Extras
  5. Details/Description
  6. Preview/Submit

Stage 1. Images

Your first option when posting a new item is choosing weather or not you need images with your listing. We would always recommend using images with your listing wherever possible, as in our experience images sell items.

You may upload up to 2 images stored on your computer for use with your listing or specify up to 2  web URL's where you may have images stored which you wish to use. You are not limited to one option or the other, you may use a combination of both if you wish.

Please Note:- there may be a cost associated with uploading your images, please see the Fees page for details.

  There is also a check box available to select if your auction image does not require any images or you have image URL's detailed in your items description.

Stage 2. Auction Type/Price

Our site supports 3 types of auction :- Standard,Dutch and Buy it Now.

Selecting the standard auction type lists your item in the standard auction format, where your item is bid on until close time, with the highest bidder winning the item.

Dutch auction type lets you sell 1 or more items for a fixed price. There is no bidding as such, buyers just buy the item for the fixed price you set.

Buy it Now auctions follow the same format as standard auctions but you have the option of setting a 'buy it now' price. This gives the buyer the option of buying the item for that price without waiting for the auction to end normally. Please note if a bidder places a bid on a buy it now auction, the buy it now option will disappear.

The second part is setting the item price. For standard auctions you set the starting bid, this is where the bidding will start from. You may also set a reserve price for your item, this means you are not obliged to sell your item if this price is not met. You also set the bid increment, this is the ammount each bid on your item will be incremented by.

For Dutch auctions you set the quantity of the items you have for sale and the fixed selling price.

Buy it Now auctions have the same price options as standard auctions with an extra option for setting the buy it now price.

Stage 3. Title/Category

Here you enter a title for your auction item. Try to make this as snappy as possible to get the buyers attention. You may enter text only in this box, no HTML and must be a maximum of 55 characters.

Select the auction category you want to place your item in from the drop down list. 

Stage 4. Optional Extras

These extras make your item stand out and improve your chances of selling your item.

There may be a small charge for selecting these options, these charges are displayed next to the option.

Extras include :-

Page view counter. This shows how many times your item has been viewed.

Attention Grabbers. These display next to your item in all the listings and grab the buyers attention.

Featured Gallery listing on the main home page. An image and text will be placed on the auction home page and will be viewed by anyone entering the auction site. Please note that this is done on a rotating basis and because the space on the home page is limited we cannot guarantee that your item will be permanently displayed. You must also have an image with your item to use this feature.

Featured listing on the main home page. Exactly the same as the gallery listing above except only text will be displayed, therefore you do not need a image to use this option.

Category featured list on the category page. Your item will be displayed in the featured section of your selected category which is displayed at the top of the category listing page.

Highlighted yellow background title. This places a yellow background to your item title which makes it stand out from normal listings like so :-

This is an example of highlighted background.

Bold font title. This puts your item title in bold font like so :- Example of title in bold font.

Stage 5. Details/Description

The number of days your item will run. This can be between 1 and 14. Select the duration from the drop down list.

Auto Relist. Here you can select to have your item automatically relist if it does not sell. Options are none,1 or 2. If you select to have your item auto relist any charges incurred when you first listed your item will not be charged for again. Please note. if you select the auto relist feature you will not be able to relist the item once closed.

Description. This should include as much information as possible. You may type your description in the box or you may create your description in another package eg.Frontpage and cut and paste this into the box. Your description may include HTML but may not include Javascript.

Condition. Select the option which best represents the condition of the item you are selling. Please be as truthful as possible to avoid problems should your item sell.

Payment Type. Indicate in the check boxes which types of payment you will accept should your item sell. You may select as many or as few as you need.

Postage Costs. If you know the postage costs of the item you are selling enter it in the box. In our experience it will help attract bids on your item if the bidder knows how much the postage will be.

Stage 6. Preview/Submit

At this stage you will be able to see how your auction item will look once posted. If you need to change anything use your browsers back button to make the changes. You will also be given details of any charges made for listing your item. If you are happy with you item hit the 'Post it' button and your auction will be 'live'. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your auction listing.

Good Luck.


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